Wednesday, November 11, 2009

to whom it may concern. . .

RE-BLOG. . .hahaha

OMG!! I am in a middle of dismay.. I thought things like these only happen in telenovelas, reality bites,,hehehe,, so here is the scoop...

I have this really closest bestest friend whom I share sentiments and joys since high school. We are really happy when we are together.. doing stuffs that usual best friends do.I really am hands down to him,.,, he has this great congenial personality, and really flirtatious, which i think is really funny of him.. he taught me how to recognized in the limelight as an elite persona, eventhough I am already in the spotlight, modesty aside.

Recently, my beau and I broke up. I shared my sebtiments to my bestfriend. He then told me to forget my past relationship and move on,, but I have to admit that it is not easy. I still have hopes that it can still be repaired. But my bestfriend gets angry at me when I tell this to him saying that I am weak.

Now this is what pisses me of,.. In just a span of fifteen days, I saw them together in a bar,, both of them.. my past love and my bestfriend... i can see pictures of them together. and that a reliable friend told me that they are really together. damn,, how do you spell delikadesa??? hehehe.]

Now i figured out why???

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